PTA Community


Education is a triangular process of school, teachers and parents for Child's development. So the parents' cooperation with teachers is essential for the desired growth of child. Today, parents are involved in school management in the whole world. It is considered that PTA is performing a key role for promoting quality education. PTA is a valuable asset of any well organized school for welfare of children. It helps to create mutual understanding and communication between parents and teachers for solving educational matters of institute.

Aims and Objectives

  • To work for the welfare of the students and the institution and to offer constructive suggestions for the smooth and successful functioning of the school.
  • To promote better participation of the parents in the various programs of the school and to establish better liaison with teachers.
  • To set up facilities in the school premises for the benefit of the students as and when required.
  • To institute scholarships, prizes, medals etc. to benefit students showing high proficiency in their studies and extra curricular activities.
  • To arrange guest lectures to give career, educational guidance etc


Sr. No Class Name of the PTA member Contact No.
1 Nursery Mr. Rajendra Dattu Mane 9561213993
2 LKG –Octopus Mr. Arif Mohammad Sarjekhan 9822253736
3 LKG–Oyster Mr. Suraj Dattajirao Bhosale 9960018787
4 UKG-Whales Mr. Nasim Nijamuddin Mestri 8055806643
5 UKG –Dolphins Mr. Prakash Abhimanyu Sarkar 7709258844
6 1Daffodil Mrs .Deepa Ravindra Mali 7756009500
7 1-Lily Mr. Shailesh Vitthalbhai Nakrani [Patel] 8087298279
8 1-Tulip Mrs. Heena Vickykumar Dembani 9975881065
9 2-Daffodil MrS. Sonal Sandip Patil 9421120057
10 2-Lily Mr. Nabhiraaj Appasaheb Rukade 9423808800
11 2-Tulip Mr. Shashikant Namdev Bacche 9822603060
12 3-Daffodil Mr. Chandrakant sampatrao Patil 9850948568
13 3-Lily Dr Sunil Nabhiraj Cougule 9823443343
14 3-Tulip Mrs. Jyoti Krishnanath Powar 7038532323
15 4-Daffodil Mr. Suraj Shyamlal Durgya 9579055579
16 4-Lily Mrs. Hemlata Subhash Pol 8483830034
17 4-Tulip Mr. Sandip Sahebrao Mohite 8600796286
18 5-Daffodil Mr. Ajay Janardan Kesarkar 9552341166
19 5-Lily Mr. Somshekhar Fulchand Pawar 7030867707
20 5-Tulip Mrs. Simran Rakesh Gurbani 9370161666
21 6-Daffodil Mrs. Pratibha Sarjerao Patil 7057452900
22 6-Lily Mr. Dilip Shahajirao Patil 9822680785
23 6-Tulip Mr. Amirkhan Ibrahim Fakir 7083374333
24 7-Daffodil Dr. Bajirao Dagdoji Nalawade 9860310430
25 7-Lily Mrs. Rani Vijay Patil 9970308437
26 7-Tulip Mr. Babaso Ravindra Patil 8805543990
27 8-Daffodil Mr. Sunil Lalchand Kamran 9373538866
28 8-Lily Mrs. Rashmi Manoj Lagare 8928955511
29 8-Tulip Mr. Manoj Ramesh Rathod 9422627272
30 9-Daffodil Mr. Shivrudra Anant Gatade 9422044577
31 9-Lily Mrs. Shital Uday Ulpe 9922447474
32 9-Tulip Mr. Digambar Prabhakar Kolekar 7057515253
33 10-Daffodil Mrs. Priya Sushilkumar Kemble 9423266069
34 10 -Lily Mr. Sunil Shankarrao Sarnobat 9765622595