PTA Community


Education is a triangular process of school, teachers and parents for Child's development. So the parents' cooperation with teachers is essential for the desired growth of child. Today, parents are involved in school management in the whole world. It is considered that PTA is performing a key role for promoting quality education. PTA is a valuable asset of any well organized school for welfare of children. It helps to create mutual understanding and communication between parents and teachers for solving educational matters of institute.

Aims and Objectives

  • To work for the welfare of the students and the institution and to offer constructive suggestions for the smooth and successful functioning of the school.
  • To promote better participation of the parents in the various programs of the school and to establish better liaison with teachers.
  • To set up facilities in the school premises for the benefit of the students as and when required.
  • To institute scholarships, prizes, medals etc. to benefit students showing high proficiency in their studies and extra curricular activities.
  • To arrange guest lectures to give career, educational guidance etc


President - Mr. Pratap Nivrutti Patil
Vice President - Mrs. Rashmi Manoj Lagare
Secretary - Dr. Sardar Babasaheb Jadhav (Principal)

Sr. No Class Name of the PTA member Contact No.
1 Nursery (Turtles) Mr. Pratap Nivrutti Patil 9422046463
2 LKG (Octopus) Mr. Indrajeet Devdas Pol 9921034005
3 LKG (Osters) Mrs. Seema Sheetal Chougule 9423859972
4 UKG (Dolphin) Mrs. Roopali Abhijeet Mane 9049458007
5 UKG (Whales) Mr. Swapnil Balasaheb Deshmukh 7755952526
6 I D Mr. Sachin Vasantrao Khavare 9511761100
7 I L Mr. Nadeem Alamgir Khan 9819090137
8 II D Mr. Arif Sariye Khan 9822253736
9 II L Mrs. Tejaswini Udaysinh Jagtap 8087229640
10 II T Mrs. Aparna Kishor Powar 9970700466
11 III D Mrs. Sonal Sandip Patil 9421120057
12 III L Mr. Sameer Appasaheb Jadhav 9823216516
13 IV D Mrs. Sanjeevini Vivek Dinde 8600661929
14 IV L Mrs. Praveena Vijaykumar Patil 9561807166
15 IV T Mrs. Vanita Sunil Chougule 8888841071
16 V D Mrs. Pooja Ashok Chawala 9021418157
17 V L Mr. Nitesh Shivaji Nalwade 9850054455
18 V T Mrs. Rupali Fakira Sale 9156097026
19 VI D Mrs. Kavita Sanjay Patil 8698905240
20 VI L Mrs. Rashmi Manoj Lagare 892895554
21 VI T Mr. Avinash Dnyandev Powar 9822867375
22 VII D Mrs. Megha Deepak Khavare 9922741100
23 VII L Mr. Dilip Shahajirao Patil 9822680785
24 VII T Mrs. Urmila Sandip Undale 9665572072
25 VIII D Mr. Shivaji Ramchandra Magdum 9890125834
26 VIII L Mrs. Pratima Prafful Mahajan 9325007899
27 VIII T Mr. Bajirao Dagdu Nalawade 9860310430
28 IX D Mr . Sanjay Vithal Shinde 9021508320
29 IX L Mr. Anand Shashikanth Tiwari 9922911900
30 IX T Mr. Prakash Vilas Chougule 9822682246
31 X D Mr. Shivarudra Anant Gatade 9422044577
32 X L Mr. Amirkhan Ibrahim Fakir 7083374333